Dr. Steven Eisenberg: Why He Sings Like Adam Sandler in the Oncology Ward

published 3 years ago by Abel James, FatBurningMan.com

Dr. Steven Eisenberg, the "Singing Oncologist," is co-founder of California's largest medical oncology practice, and he uses the power of music to help his patients heal.

Hey folks this is able James and thanks so much for joining us on fat burning man that we talked about real food and results what happens when a doctor brings his guitar into the chemo room. Sings with his patients my guess this week it does exactly that. Your basis belting it out in the cancer ward you may. Today show and his patients absolutely love it today we're here with my good friend Dr Stephen Eisenberg the singing oncologist he's the cofounder of California's largest medical oncology practice who uses the power of music to help his patients heal maybe you can hear my voice but Dr Eisenberg is just a great dude and I'm really excited for you to listen to this particular show now before we get to it if you're interested in changing your brain with music you might wanna check out my first bestselling book called the musical brain I actually started you might not know this as a gigging musician one ...

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