shralp! #211: Best of Nescafé Champs Leysin 2013?

published 6 years ago by mee-z

Okay guys. This is a special shroud episode. This is about one off if not the oldest contest in Europe the champs there's a. Now I got this complete added with music and everything. And they called it the best off click. And I won't do anything with this. What you see is what I got. Now it's your turn. I want to know what you think of this clip which is suppose to be about a 5 star snowboarding because. So at the end of the clip please comment on YouTube or Facebook. I'm really interested. This on the stuff you want to see when you think snowboarding. Hi I am Doug I can send. Is the fifth and final daily highlights program for the. Doesn't that same just get a chance the lesson ...

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