How Tommie Whitaker Shed 100+ Pounds WITHOUT Exercise

published 3 years ago by Abel James,

It's strange but true: Tommie Whitaker has lost 108 pounds in just 13 months... without exercise. Instead, he's rocking out in the kitchen and fueling with real food from The Wild Diet.

This is able James and thanks so much for tuning into fat burning man or we help you look feel and perform at your best today we're here with Tommy Whitaker who's about to tell you how he shed one incredible 108. In just 13 month. With a wild eyed but here's the crazy part. Tommy lost more than. With out. He's good at that next we talk about it on the show but he did that by focusing on food instead of the treadmill before his weight loss Tommy weighed 357 pounds though he and his wife tried many diets over the years non lasted more than a few weeks. But after he saw my client and friend Kurt cut his body fat in half. On the ABC TV show he gave the wild that world instead of burning itself out on the treadmill he just decided to eat right ...

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