Amboise, France: Château du Clos Lucé

published 5 years ago by Rick Steves

Clos-Lucé, a small mansion down the street from the royal Château d'Amboise in Amboise, France, was Leonardo da Vinci's official residence for the last years of his life. At, you'll find money-saving travel tips, small-group tours, guidebooks, TV shows, radio programs, podcasts, and more on this destination.

Nder Europe is committed to providing a smooth car rental experience and is a proud sponsor of this podcast visit auto slash written per special Rick Steves offer. Straddling the Lamar river and why sits in inviting town with a pleasing old corner below its hilltop chateau. A castle that's overlooked below are from implies sent ancient Roman times as the royal residence of France what premier in the early 15 hundreds little embolus wielded far more influence than you'd imagine from a lazy walk through its pleasant pedestrian only commercials. That busy pedestrianized rue national survives from the sixteenth century. Back then when the town spread at the foot of the king's castle and was the second capital of France this was its main drag ...

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