Rex Murphy | Parliament breaks for summer

published 3 years ago

As the House and the Senate go on recess for the summer, Rex Murphy reflects on the mostly unremarkable session on the Hill while singling out a few exceptions

As per normal things are winding down now in the house of Commons it summers here telling really been that exciting a session with conservatives pulled up and and to their interminable search for a new leader sometimes a scene there were more people running in the party as voters. They opted at least for a young man of open Charman easy ways perhaps in implied contrast. To their last master. Mr Truro god love him continues to expand the family photo album hitting a high spot I thought with the CDC kids shoot of him hugging a puppet unicorn. An episode too rich for any further comment from me. He joined something called varies hung club which led to this P. at her moment. The pitchers they say is worth 1000 words and no doubt some fiend will come up with the caption ...

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