published 2 years ago by Ted Forbes

Some questions from Photo Assignment #1 and a little motivation.

Motivation that is the theme of today's video and a couple days ago I put the first video up in our series of photography assignments that we're gonna be doing and this met with a very positive response and I'm really excited about it people had gotten in there and said Hey you know this is exactly the motivation I need his photographer really exciting it going that makes me feel really good because I feel like we've got a project that that's gonna be a lot of fun to work on in the world gonna grow together as photographers and as artists. With our approach to photography and I'm really excited about this I also ask that many of you have had. Let's leave them because of some great questions. Address some of those and I had some people that contacted me that I think there's a little motivation required and that's what I want to address today so real quick if you haven't seen that video I will link it up at the end of this video but any not show. The first assignment deals with this idea of variations. So the assignment is is to find something to photograph. And then do attend completely different ways. Find ways that you can vary it up and do things ...

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