High End Art: Everything You NEVER Wanted To Know

published 5 years ago by Ted Forbes

Richard Prince recently stirred up the photography/Instagram world when he controversially modified Instagram photographs as his latest work and sold them for upward of $90k a piece. Does this blow your mind? Possibly make you angry? Well get ready. In this video I’m going to give an overview of how the high-end art market works. The art market has become very attractive to investors in recent years for a variety of reasons. According to Bloomberg, this has snowballed into a global $54 Billion industry. Who are the artists? Who are the investors? How does this work? These are some of the questions I will try to answer in this video. The art market is rarely discussed in the media unless there is a lawsuit. I think that’s why its important to have this conversation. When it comes to huge money, very few of us understand how art as a business actually works.

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