Developing Film In One Step - Intant Processing

published 6 years ago by Ted Forbes

New55 has just released a chemical called R3 Monobath. It is just that, a 1 chemical process for developing film. I wanted to see for myself how well this worked so I ordered a few bottles and developed some film. Monobath developers have been around for a long time. The first evidence I could find was a 1967 thesis by William Quan for RIT in Rochester. In his paper he described a 1 bath process for use with Panotomic X film (no longer made). Instant films all use monobath for their chemicals which makes sense why New55 would be experimenting with this. Monobath is not the perfect developer, but its very good in the right situation. The pros: 1 bath process, easy to use, beautiful contrast, nice grain The cons: contains ammonia (fumes are strong), is designed for a specific film type, no control for pushing, pulling or manipulating the look of the process. My Monobath Sample Images: Buy R3 Monobath from New55: Make your own R3 Monobath: William Quan's thesis:

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