Rex Murphy | Recommended closure of National Energy Board

published 3 years ago

The Liberal government's recommendation to shutter the National Energy Board and replace it with two new agencies is political dynamite, Rex Murphy says

A liberal government panel report recommends getting rid of the Anne B. the national energy board and replacing it with 2 brand new agencies dole's headquartered in the Lucent unbiased air of auto. All says the panel because the old any B. as quote lost the confidence of Canadians. How many lost the confidence of those who didn't like some of its choices. But to the great majority of Canadians the subject of the and the big and confidence in us is not and was never. On the top of their conversation list. The report states that they consulted farm wires all stakeholders aboriginal communities environmentalists corporate leaders. Looking through the report and its broad range of stake holders I sense an absent. It is on a mission that occurs every time the issues of oil or pipelines are discuss ...

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