Photo Assignments #6 :: Photo Sequences

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

Back in this video with another photo assignment for you. This time we're working with Photo Sequences. Photography has yielded serious works from photographers such as Eadweard Muybridge and later Duane Michals as an entire medium. In this video we'll look at their work as a starting point for our own Photo Sequences. If you are new to Photo Assignments - start here

What is up everybody it is Monday which can only mean photo assignments in in this video I wanna give you photo assignment number 6 which is going to deal with photo sequences now wanna talk about photo sequences in what they are should be fairly obvious but a photo sequence is a group of photographs that work together so they're not designed to stand alone individually they are designed as a sequence to be displayed together and this is the important part of al listen no one explained that this video they end up equaling a whole that is greater than. So when this is done real. It ends up giving you a concept or an illustration or. At that. He doesn't exist. It's suggesting that and so I know that sounds a little far out little conceptual so let's break this down and talk. About some very well known focusing which is one of the first photo sequence photographers that I can think of in most of your price mayor with. Edward Muybridge who was an English photographer who spent a great deal of the screen the United States during his career he was very famous for these landscapes that he shot at Yosemite but now ...

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