Live Protect Prank Call (Life Alert Prank)

published 3 years ago

Jared prank calls a life alert type of company as Barney AKA THE SCOOP MASTER GENERAL, requesting one to use as a personal assistant!

On hal yes. And I think my mom and my name is what life protect 247 how are you today I'm good how you. I'm great thanks for asking and what our promotion today you've been selected to receive a free medical alert system so congratulations now are you familiar with medical there's no no I'm not. Yeah I got a little voice mail from you guys saying that you had something for me so what what is it again. It's great medical alert system what it is it's a little button that you wear around your neck and you can press in case of any type of emergency like a bad fall for instance how close are you to think about it or you lose the things on TV we all are to help our fall in in our acronym stack. Is that what they say. rate that is actually though another company that does next Marshall gas insist on my own here and I protect it basically the same car ...

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