SDPA Leadership Goals – Jennifer Winter, PA-C & Acting President

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This video is on How the SDPA is Working for their Members with Jennifer Winter PA-C and was recorded at the 2013 Summer SDPA Conference in St. Louis.

Tested yes my name's chin now and I'm here with Jennifer winter Jennifer is the acting president of the STP oil welcome Jennifer thank you very much for having me. Jennifer why don't you tell us about some of your and goals for the STP aims of. Your what your mom. Well the STP leadership up till now it's been a very effective and very active and so a lot of the work has been done I have less to do and that's exciting. we always want to continue to further our relationship with the American academy of dermatology and will meet again with their board in the upcoming meeting in Denver March. We always want to continue to provide what our membership has asked for which is usually education CME opportunities. work we continue to investigate what our membership wants things like pollster surveys to ask what they're looking for and it consistently heard that CME is it ...

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