Remember Photo Assignments

published 3 years ago by Ted Forbes

Well, its been a month that we’ve had to work on the latest photo assignment so a friendly reminder to get the submitted. Let’s also talk about perfection in photography. Does it even exist? At what point is it time to turn something in?

So whether intact. Comes with a deadline. You have to enjoy it right now it's like 70 degrees today it's beautiful but once the heat hits. It's over you don't even be outside until like October so now is the time to enjoy it I do realize that I am tempting the rain once again by taking the top down but he's just so nice to hear you gotta do something. That you've done your photo assignment for this week. Last week I was having a conversation with my buddy Peter McKay. Some of you guys might know Peter he's got a wonderful YouTube channel is a really nice guy we would have a conversation about perfection in the arts and is perfection something that actually even exists. Because at some point mean keep massaging something over ...

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