Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 12mm Review

published 3 years ago by Ted Forbes

I’ve been working with the Panasonic 12mm 1.4 Leica Summilux for a few weeks now and wanted to share some images and video footage from this lens. Not only is it incredible, but its making me thing very differently about micro 4/3 in general. This thing is amazing. Get it at B&H: This video is sponsored by Squarespace For a free trail and 10% off your initial order, visit and use offer code AOP on checkout.

What is up everybody welcome back to the show in this video I want to talk about this limbs from Panasonic that I've been using for the last 2 weeks that is literally just blown me away this is 1 of 2 lenses that would lead to me by B. NH so thanks to them for letting these to use and then share with you guys about what I think of these now right now this is mounted to the little Panasonic GX 850 that I talked about probably about a week ago on the show and I've actually been really liking this set up it looks a little silly with this huge lands on here but it's very small still and compact it's easy to hold and it's kinda like a lens cap that you put on here that you can shoot 4 K. video on and get great stills with to some when being accepted to me I checked it out and I am absolutely just amazed with this 12 millimeter lands following a dive down and check it out so let's do that the Panasonic 12 millimeter F. 1.4 is a micro 4 thirds system lands with a 24 millimeter equivalent so it is not super wide but it is a wide angle lens it features an aperture range that covers F. 1.4 to ...

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