PA History and Legacy – Esther Cohen, PA-C

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This video interview is on PA History and Legacy with Esther Cohen, PA-C and was recorded at the 2013 SDPA Fall Conference in Atlanta.

I'm really sweat equity arm cast TV and today we have Esther Cohen with us in the studio Esther thanks for being here thank you for inviting me now I Sir I understand that you have been practicing as a PA since the seventies how was it back then and how has it changed. What's changed a lot. First of all when I entered the PA profession. And graduated from PA school in 1974. The NC CPA did not exist. They could not exist until 1975 so I was actually practice seen as a physician system per year before I ever took our boards. Back in those days it was mostly military man. Who were previously corpsman. And there were very few women in the profession. That is so interesting and and I know that you're practicing currently in Maryland and yes maybe you have a historic legacy in Maryland as a P. M. ...

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