Soldier Feature

published 7 years ago by DVIDS

Some Soldiers have to leave the service before they initially planned. Spc. Britney Quintana tells us how the Army has calmed her fears by preparing her for life as a civilian after she gets medically discharge. Available in High Definition.

My name is pretty Quintana. A 91 Charlie I work on. A scene heaters typically I met my father side I'm the first one to go into the military it was buying poppers last wish for me. He wanted me at least to get some experience but I'm getting medically decides. I tells me Nance moralists because I'm a hands on person I always have been since I was little it's a rare occasion to see female is actually doing. Have. The army's prepared me. Successfully to achieve. My mental goals and also the structure goals and a workplace. But now I'm sure it's kind of ...

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