Yoga poses for better sleep 30 mins eFit30

published 7 years ago by eFit30

This is Valerie Goodman's Bedtime Yoga class from Yogarevalation. She takes us through a full 30 minute routine for a restfull nights sleep.There are more free workouts here on our channel you want to support our work please subscribe and like us here or on Facebook, Thanks for your help!

Hi my name is Valerie given out with Ethan and I'm here to guide you to a nice little yoga practice do before bedtime. Go and release the defense today. And let yourself surrender. Right obviously. So the first thing that you can do is you could be in your pajamas when you do this. I'm on a great mac here that's very nice and big. From a guy and company which is really nice. Get onto a blanket. Looking where where it's comparable despite yourself. So let herself come into an easy seat opposite. Let yourself restaurant right home into your left home with your. Touching and let those come they have ...

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