Podcast 104 – Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon (LAMW) Series – Hemodynamic Kills

published 5 years ago by Scott D. Weingart, MD

A lecture from SMACC2013 on how not to kill the shocked patient when intubating

If folks want are here and this is a lecture I gave at smacked 2013 Sydney Australia best E. D. critical care conference ever you've heard enough about that. And this lecture is how to avoid killing your human amply unstable patient during the Perry intimation. This is part of a series of talks I give called builder ranges scope as a murder weapon. And what it's about is how to stop killing our patients in the Perry intubation. Every time you pick up oranges scope your sensually being given a license to kill and how you go about usenet license depends on how much you care about your patients. Now it's my contention that Perry intubation deaths are preventable. That it's all well and good to blame the patient for why they coded immediately after into beta but it's not the patient's fault it's your fault because the reasons page ...

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