Wells, England: Medieval Center and Cathedral

published 4 years ago by Rick Steves

The wonderfully preserved city of Wells, England, is dominated by its glorious Gothic cathedral. The city's charming center is surrounded by medieval architecture. At , you'll find money-saving travel tips, small-group tours, guidebooks, TV shows, radio programs, podcasts, and more on this destination.

Nder Europe is committed to providing a smooth car rental experience and is a proud sponsor of this podcast visit auto Europe.com slash written per special Rick Steves offer. Short drive South Texas into Somerset into that wonderfully preserved city of welcomes dominated by it glorious cathedral. Wells has a charming medieval center. The stately bishop's palaces circled by a park like molten Sportin impressive front yard. It's a market city and has been for a long time. School Vickers. Klay preserve. Lined with 14. Houses. Locals claim. This. Oldest come. Medieval streets. In Europe. Originally. To host the cathedral choir it still dead ...

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