Junior Student Coordinator Maria Kelly, PA-S1

published 4 years ago by dermcast.tv

Dermcast interviewed Maria Kelly, PA-S1, at the 2014 Fall Conference in San Diego. Ms. Kelly shared with Dermcast about her new role as the Junior Student Coordinator.

Them to turn cast I'm releasing today we have Maria Kelly she's the new junior student coordinator for the STP a thanks for being here lacking for having me I understand that you learned about the SDP A. in PA school can you tell me about that yeah though the and senior student radiator of that. EPA right now. It's actually a year ahead of me. It's cool as me. No just that. Incidents. Send an email. My whole class. And I applied for the position and. Got accepted for it can you tell me about your role as the student coordinator Yasser there's 3 of us on the committee we all work as a team and we kind of educate Sudan members who are interested in dermatology we educate them about their career our website offers rotations and job opportunities and we answer any questions they have about the career. What made you decide to become an STP a member ...

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