Switzerland: An Outcry over Bern’s Bear

published 7 years ago by DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

To avoid public outrage, zoos prefer to remain silent about the culling of animals. But it’s a common practice, and nearly all of Europe’s 400 zoos regularly cull animals in their care. Not long ago, a zoo in Denmark made headlines for killing a young giraffe, a move they said was necessary to combat inbreeding. Later, the Swiss Dählhölzli zoo killed a brown bear cub to spare it from being bullied by its dominant father. In both cases, the zoos said they were acting on behalf of animal conservation and welfare. But many zoo visitors in Bern are outraged, and some animal rights activists have also been critical of the move. The euthanasia of the young bear cub has now embroiled the city of Bern in a heated debate.

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