Sexual Massage - Prank Call

published 6 years ago

Jared prank calls a "professional" masseuse. For some reason he is into everything being thrown at him. This call is great..Request a prank: our FREE app! (FREE SHIPPING IN US) :

WNED. I want. He. Hey how are you I saw your own mind about the massage I was wondering if I could schedule. Appointment maybe for the next week or 2 years actually for my wife because it's our birthday coming up so. Yeah also won the grand old. One Krikalev clip sure I apologize for calling so late but I've been not racking my brain trying to find out some ideas and just hit me and I was like so who. Something she'd like you know I mean so. Yeah item what day would you. When you say how actually let me go home to my calendar to see when her freedom birthday as her birthday is on the nineteenth. Of this month of June so I was running if you had any times ...

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