Is Tomorrow A Place?

published 2 weeks ago by Neptune Studios

Watch the new season of MinuteBody - and get access to both CuriosityStream and Nebula - at . People all around the world tend to represent time via space, but there’s no consensus on which way time goes. PREORDER OUR FIRST BOOK (out October 12th): DTFBA (get SUPER-cool book bundles here!): Amazon - - Barnes and Noble - Indigo (Canada)- SUPPORT MINUTEEARTH ************************** If you like what we do, you can help us!: - Become our patron: - Share this video with your friends and family - Leave us a comment (we read them!) CREDITS ********* Kate Yoshida | Script Writer, Narrator and Director Sarah Berman (@sarahjberman) | Illustration, Video Editing and Animation Nathaniel Schroeder | Music MinuteEarth is produced by Neptune Studios LLC OUR STAFF ************ Sarah Berman • Arcadi Garcia i Rius David Goldenberg • Julián Gustavo Gómez Melissa Hayes • Alex Reich • Henry Reich • Peter Reich Ever Salazar • Leonardo Souza • Kate Yoshida OUR LINKS ************ Youtube | TikTok | minuteearth Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | Apple Podcasts| REFERENCES ************** Bergen, B. K. & Lau, T. T. C. (2012) Writing direction affects how people map space onto time. Frontiers in Psychology 3:109. Boroditsky, L. (2000). Metaphoric Structuring: Understanding time through spatial metaphors. Cognition, 75(1), 1-28. Casasanto, D. & Boroditsky, L. (2008). Time in the mind: Using space to think about time. Cognition 106 (2):579-593 Majid, A., Gaby, A., & Boroditsky, L. (2013). Time in terms of space. Frontiers in Psychology, 4: 554. Núñez, R., Cooperrider, K., Doan, D., & Wassmann, J. (2012). Contours of time: Topographic construals of past, present, and future in the Yupno valley of Papua New Guinea. Cognition, 124(1), 25– 35.

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