The Math that Matters Most For Beginning Day Traders

published 2 weeks ago by ClayTrader

When it comes to day trading (and investing in general), there are numbers involved. Therefore, math is a requirement for anyone who is looking to become a day trader or investor. Let me be very clear, the math requirements are nothing fancy. You don't need a college degree in physics to understand the math required in the financial markets. With all this being said, the math becomes much more complicated in a hidden type of way. In fact, the math can be done for you via spreadsheets and calculators, so you truly do not need to be great at math. The problem that arises is there are several different "types" of math. If you are not aware of how these types of math operate within the market, you are going to experience headaches and frustrations as a trader. As I type this out, I'm thinking this is getting way too confusing and complicated trying to explain with words. So with that being said, all I can really say is do not let these words confuse you, haha! Just watch the video and I will do a much better job of illustrating exactly what I'm trying to describe here!

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