The GH5 Has Arrived!

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

I just got my new Panasonic GH5 in the mail today. I’ve been completely amped about this camera since its announcement. So what’s the verdict? I just got it but lets do some test footage today and see how it all looks. This video is sponsored by For a free trial and 10% off your order, visit and use offer code AOP on checkout Music from Epidemic Sound:

What is up guys welcome back I got something in the mail this morning that I want to share with you I am totally excited check this out. Eye institute so this is the Panasonic G. H. 5 which was announced earlier this year it's finally been released and I've really been excited to finally get my hands on try this out this is the successor to the G. H. for which was released back in 2014 of the G. H. 4 was very significant because when that came out was the first mirrorless camera to incorporate 4 K. video recording into what you were able to do with that and the last couple years I've moved a lot of my production work flow over to 4 K. and something that I really like the look in the detail of it so I've really been excited try this because they've added a lot of features on to this moment very excited about and some I'm very curious about and some I'm a I'm a little worried about and we're gonna get into those so I have used Sony's ...

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