How To Use Luts In Video Editing

published 3 years ago by Ted Forbes

LUT is an acronym for “Look Up Table” – these are used frequently in color grading. These are files you can load in to your editor and apply to your footage to achieve certain looks to your footage – commonly these emulate various film stocks. Links: Some free LUTS to start with ImpulZ Luts from Ground Control DaVinci Resolve from BlackMagic Design

In this video we're gonna talk about color grading for video footage and I am going to be using a software application called the Vinci resolve which you can get absolutely free it's from a company called black magic and I will put a link to that in the show description and I've also done several tutorials on da Vinci results of you kind of want a more general overview and learning. The software I would like those in the show description as well but in this video I wanna talk about using lots. And what is a lot to a lot it's basically an acronym that stands for lookup table and so sometimes you hear these referred to as lots or computer site color lookup tables and 6 this is a data file that you bring into the software applications using you can apply it to your footage and it will typically traditionally these emulate the looks of different film stocks and it comes from the days we shot on film actually out put it back out to film but were able to edit digitally and they have the color consistency accurate during that process and also different film stocks have different looks to them and so that's why lots were essentially to ...

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