Options Trading - 期权面面观 - September 3, 2021 - Jade Lizards 玉蜥蜴组合

published 3 weeks ago by tastytrade, Inc.

玉蜥蜴组合是由tastytrade的两位女性职业期权交易员在2013年首先提出的。经过接近10年的运用和测试,这个策略组合已经证明其独特的有效性。玉蜥蜴组合是我们第一个提到的三条“腿”的策略,它是介于跨式和铁鹰组合之间的一种变形。玉蜥蜴组合有着特别的“使命”和一些独有的特质,是其他有方向性偏见或者中性策略所不能赋予的。这期节目让我们一起来看一下这个在业界内相对比较年轻的策略到底是什么样子。 The Jade Lizard was invented by two tastytrade professional traders in 2013. It has proved its effectiveness in certain market environments over the years. A Jade Lizard is a “three-leg” combination sitting somewhere between the two-leg Straddle and the four-leg Iron Condor. It provides additional benefits that traditional directional-biased and neutral strategies couldn’t offer. Let’s take a look at this relatively young option strategy together.

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