Photo Assignment 2 :: Low Angle Shooting

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

Photo Assignment #2 will explore variations on low-angle point-of-view photography. The subject matter is open to your own choice, but everything must be shot at ground level. Use the concepts we worked on in the first assignment. Use your journal, print your work, comment and remember to shoot variations.

What is up everybody welcome back to the show in this video we are going to talk about photo assignments and it is time for me to introduce photo assignment number 2 so if you have no idea what photo assignments are if you're new to the show I will put a playlist of everything in the show description so you can go back and check out all the awesome stuff that we're doing with this and so the first 4 assignment that I gave you. . We allowed quite a bit of time for her and we did we worked on it for about 2 months and it was intentional for a few reasons first of all I knew the holidays would be in. Trickle to get things during the holidays I understand that. But also I wanted you guys to really dig into the thought process and the whole idea of one using a journal into working on this idea of variation so let's talk about the journal for a second because I hope that these act as a foundation and something that you guys can build on in subsequent assignments so using the journal is really important and to be honest with you I didn't think it was something that very many people would do it requires extra effort you have to print your work ...

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