How to Calculate Critical Path

published 3 years ago by Andy Kaufman, PMP

This is the second of two videos we have for critical path. This video provides an overview of how to calculate critical path by hand. This can help you prepare for critical path questions on the certification exams. By the way, this video is part of Andy’s e-learning program entitled “Essentials of Project Management“. Learn [...]

Let's talk about critical path you know this is a subject I get a real kick out of talking to people about because I work with a team that maybe doesn't know quite as much about as I say you know what is critical path from your perspective. And sometimes bill got while it's a series of tasks that that must be done. It's kinda funny one because of me which one doesn't have to be done they ought to be done. Or it's the most important tasks. Well I suppose that's true to some degree. It is the hardest task this week or as worried as one team had as okay so so what's a critical path task. Sky reasons Haney goes it's the task I don't want to be assigned to a hour because it's critical. So let's check out the actual definition. It's. Sequence of activity so there's some sequence. Valve that represent the longest path to the project. Which determines the shortest duration. How about you I think that sounds really confusing. Now that ...

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