Options Trading - 期权面面观 - August 26, 2021 - Iron Flies 蝶式组合

published 1 month ago by tastytrade, Inc.

铁蝶组合是另一种中性的并且风险有限制的策略。铁蝶是铁鹰组合的一个特例。如果铁鹰组合两个卖出期权的行权价相同,我们就得到了铁蝶组合。所以铁蝶和铁鹰组合两者之间有很多相似之处。在这期节目中我们不仅会分析两者的区别,我们也会从另外一个角度来看待铁蝶,铁鹰的组成方式。 The Iron fly is another neutral options strategy with limited risks. It is a particular case of Iron Condor, so they share many similarities. If the Iron Condor’s two short strikes have the same strike price, it turns into an Iron fly. In this episode, we compare the differences between the Iron fly and Iron Condor and introduce a new perspective to look at these four-legged strategies.

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