Heaven on Earth, Part 9: Hang a Street Light - Joel Schmidgall

published 10 months ago by National Community Church

From the very beginning of our lives, we learn and grow from imitating others. The question over time becomes WHAT and WHO should we imitate? When you find faith in Christ, you are given both an identity as a child of God and a calling to imitate God (Ephesians 5:1). Identity and action are interlinked. Things like love and purity and sacrifice are virtues that we should strive to imitate. But that only happens when we know who we are. What you believe about yourself determines how you live your life! Our passage today gives both guidance in who we are as well as what we should do. We are love, we are light, we are God’s children. You can’t control anyone else’s action, but when you live out God’s light, you shine brightness into darkness. We hope and pray that as a church community we are people that don’t stand by complaining, but instead go out and hang a street light to provide warmth and direction for those around us. Join us we talk about what it looks like to imitate God.

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