Ospreys launch from Okinawa

published 7 years ago by DVIDS

PID: 13113-OKI-OSHPREY-SCRIPT DATE: 131113 STORY TYPE: News RT: 1:14 PRODUCER: Cpl Michael Lopez WEB HEADLINE OSPREYS SUPPORT HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE TEASER: OSPREYS METADATA: Cpl Michael Lopez OSPREYS Okinawa, Japan FONTS: Cpl Michael Lopez - Reporting LtCol Joseph Lee – Executive Officer, HMM 262 SUGGESTED LEAD Marine Corporal Michael Lopez takes us to Marine Corps Air Futenma where the MV-22 is Responding to the call of providing assistance to the Republic of the Philippines.

Marines and sailors on Okinawa our wheels up in effort. Support humanitarian assistance. In the Republic of the Philippines aware in support of humanitarian assistance disaster relief operations the Republican Philippines. One of the aircraft leading the charge is the MV 22 osprey. presently right now we've got 8 V. 20 twos in support of disaster relief operations in the Republic of Philippines. These ospreys are from marine medium tiltrotor squadron 262 and they jumped into action as soon as they were called as always our our squadron is always ready for the challenge they were ready to go and literally turned around in 2004 hours and the first set of the 20 twos were up in the air with the appropriate personnel support that within 2004 hours. What makes this aircraft capable is its wide array of missions that can perform in support of the humana ...

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