Day Trader Science: The Law of Diminishing Effort

published 1 month ago by ClayTrader

While it's not an official economic concept, the law of diminishing effort is something that certainly exists in the real world. In fact, I would go as far as calling it day trader science in the sense that anyone who has quality experience can attest to the truth behind it. At the core though, the law of diminishing effort should be an encouragement to beginner day traders and those who are just getting started in their trading journey. I understand. At the start as you try to learn, all the information and data can pile up very quickly and turn overwhelming. Rest assured, this is a totally normal feeling to have and due to the law of diminishing effort, I promise you everything will begin to slow down and make more sense. The key to all of this is persistence and having a structured game plan of learning. If you choose to surround yourself with random (and sometimes bad) information, then the law of diminishing effort may work against you; however, for those that choose to invest into a structured way of learning, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel! Let's talk some day trader science and how the law of diminishing effort will help you in great ways!

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