Social Media is Toxic... (mini rant)...

published 1 month ago by ClayTrader

Before I say anything else, I am just as guilty as anyone else for falling into this toxic trap that social media creates. I want this video to be an encouragement to you and hopefully offer you up perspective and motivation as you try and maneuver your way through the crazy world of social media. I suppose this is a mini rant, but the way social media works and the toxicity it can deliver is quite irritating. I don't say this in an arrogant way, but just in a way to offer up context that I am in a more unique situation to speak on this social media topic. Given I do have a good amount of followers on the various sites, I get a routine stream of private messages from a variety of people. While I'm not going to throw any of these people under the bus, what I am going to do is share some insight with you that opens up the door of realism. By doing this, I hope you offer you up hope and motivation to NOT second guess yourself. I want you to realize that not everything is as it appears and to remind you to take your own journey at your own pace without letting social media influence your perspective. Let's get to it!

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