Barney Math Tutor Prank Call

published 5 years ago

Jared prank calls a lady as Barney pretending to be a math tutor. This lady is a little nuts but its hilarious!Request a prank: our FREE app! (FREE SHIPPING IN US) :

Eh. Well. Thank last week muscle please. Yeah she paused domain names body responded to on my post. Looking for a calculus tutor. I yeah. How you doing sorry for our Collins away but I've just been get a bunch of replies not been going through so. Okay. Thousands is now bad terms talk. Say that again is now a bad time to talk. No no it. Like also to la you sound are you sound older can like me is a lie because I tell me a little bit about yourself. Our current premier her for my daughter opening don't really I think I gotta static on the phone. Yeah. Yes this might be better. Well better yeah ...

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