Critical Path Overview

published 3 years ago by Andy Kaufman, PMP

This is the first of two videos we have for critical path. This video provides an overview of critical path, including some practical applications. By the way, this video is part of Andy’s e-learning program entitled “Essentials of Project Management“. Learn more at . Use a coupon code of ESSENTIALS-199 to save $100 USD. Download [...]

Okay so let's talk about critical path on the PMP exam okay so how does this actually work well even though in the real world typically the tool that you use the scheduling tool will do all the calculating that you need for early starting now early finishing your flow to what the could. So here's how it's gonna work. Is you're gonna get a table. And that table look something like this he'll say like here the activities I got them as letters activity a has a duration of 6. There's no predecessor to it and there's no lag now on the exam you may not get the lag how they want to show you how that works just acacia. And then we've got activity be CD any so we got this table. And so you'll be given the table. And then you'll be asked a question. Based on that information and the question to be something like what is the path of the critical path how many pads are there what is the float of activity see it to be a number different questions like ...

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