Judicial and Ethical Affairs Committee Chair – Ainslie Barnard PA-C

published 6 years ago by dermcast.tv

Dermcast.tv interviewed Ainslie Barnard, PA-C, the new chair of the Judicial and Ethical Affairs Committee. Barnard shared some of her experience as a PA, her path to leadership at the SDPA, and some upcoming changes in legislation.

Welcome to darn cast studios I'm really slick and today we have Ainsley Barnard she's the new committee chair of the judicial and ethical affairs committee thanks for being here today Ainsley thank you for having me so can you just tell me where you practice as a P. a how long you been practicing in the typical things that you see in your practice sure I. M. work at UT southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. I am I am in a medical dermatology clinic. I have been there for almost 6 years working as a PA I am on the 7 years. And what is it like working at a university Medical Center it's it's a great experience we really do the whole gamut am I work on the medical dermatology side where we see a wide array as skin conditions and then we have it on sites as surgical oncology at department as well as phototherapy and because many ...

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