SDPA Fall 2016 | Kristen Grippe Discusses the Diplomate Fellowship Program

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Kristen Grippe, MPA, PA-C, co-chair of the Distance CME Committee, stopped by the Dermcast studios during the SDPA’s 14th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference 2016, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss the SDPA’s new learning program, the Diplomate Fellowship, including the history of its development.

Well I'm ever Blair welcome to damn cast TV today and sitting with Kristen gripped physician assistant practicing in Erie Pennsylvania associate professor again in universities PA program and co chair of the distant CME committee thanks so much for taking the time in your busy schedule to talk to me today thank you for having me amber so we're talking now about the distance learning. Today and its migration from that program into the new diplomat. Fellowship program can you talk to us a little bit about how that happened and the current structure and function of this diplomate fellowship program. Sure so the STP a is very passionate about education for our members and after the retirement of the DLI program we recognized that we needed to build a new program to offer not only CME opportune ...

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