New Photography Zines

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

Happy New Year! I haven’t done mail time in a while so that’s what we are doing in this video – thanks to everyone who sent something in! If you want to send me something – the address is below. Thanks to Lukas Hüsgen, Quentin Cherrier, Jon Wilkening, Emil Handke and Fabaine/Erick!

What is up everybody welcome back to the art of photography 2017 is upon us new year clean slate. I am amped I'm ready to get going what we're going to do in this video is we're going to do a mail upset. I have not checked the mail in a long time what checked but. Share it with you guys. And that's really awesome stuff here. There a lot of people on you tube who rip open mail these are usually photography books and stuff so I don't think that's a really good idea I'm usually more careful in that ...

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