Life In Da Nang, Vietnam II

published 2 months ago by John Saboe: Broadcaster | Photojournalist/Videographer | Publisher-Far East Adventure Travel Magazine

Thanks so much for watching and subscribing to the channel! If you feel like supporting the channel with a pledge or donation I would be most grateful. Monthly Pledges-Patreon-Far East Travels Patreon Donations- This video references a little bit about what life is like for me but I'm hoping there are circumstances that anyone can appreciate and relate to as far as managing through this pandemic. It's still really hard to say when Vietnam will open up to the world again but I don't believe it will be before they bring their population up to herd immunity. Let me say here that there has been lots of talk and videos regarding the visa situation in the country. All I will say in my humble opinion is that whatever or however the government deals with visas is their business. I'm merely a guest, grateful to be here knowing that at anytime I might have to leave. Unless you hold permanent residence somewhere that is the reality of life as a foreigner or expat living abroad. I also make reference to people who are or were employed in the tourism industry. My heart goes out to you if you are currently waiting for tourism to reopen in your country wherever in the world. I have hired and worked with many career tourism professionals in the past and I look forward to working with you and using your services hopefully in the not too distant future. Thanks again for your kind thoughts and comments. I look forward to sharing more of life in Vietnam and beyond in the future.

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