Options Trading - 期权面面观 - July 8, 2021 - Bull Spreads 牛市价差组合

published 2 weeks ago by tastytrade, Inc.

牛市价差组合是我们本系列节目中介绍的第一个真正意义上的期权组合,因为之前的备兑组合都有股票作为其组成部分。牛市价差组合有许多优点,比如对保证金的要求非常低,最大风险固定,并且有看涨股票的特点。当然他也有其不足之处。这期节目我们会详细分析其损益,优劣,以及等价转换策略等。 The Bull Spread is our first introduced options strategy combo that only has options components. No outright stock is involved. The Bull Spread has many strategic advantages over others, but with some side effects. Let’s dive into this fascinating new strategy and see how Kai analyzes its pros and cons.

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