Gynecologic Cancers | Oncology Grand Rounds Series: Part 5 — Gynecologic Cancers (Webinar Proceedings)

published 10 months ago by Dr Neil Love

Proceedings from the fifth in a series of 11 integrated webinars held in association with the 2020 ONS Annual Congress. Featuring perspectives from Ms Paula J Anastasia, Ms Jennifer Filipi, Dr David M O’Malley and Dr Shannon N Westin. Introduction (00:00) Mechanism of action of PARP inhibitors and integration into the therapeutic algorithm for patients with advanced ovarian cancer (OC) (5:16) Efficacy and duration of maintenance therapy with olaparib or niraparib in the Phase III SOLO-1 and PRIMA trials for patients with OC in the first-line setting (13:01) Response and tolerability with olaparib as maintenance therapy for patients with advanced OC with BRCA mutations (20:05) Genetic testing for patients with OC; selection of PARP inhibitor therapy (25:01) Choice of PARP inhibitor alone or in combination with bevacizumab as maintenance therapy for patients with advanced OC (29:17) Activity of olaparib as maintenance therapy for OC; gastrointestinal and hematologic toxicities with PARP inhibitors (34:49) Role of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment of endometrial cancer; significance of microsatellite instability (47:37) Emerging data with pembrolizumab alone or in combination with lenvatinib for endometrial cancer (54:48) Dosing considerations and side effects with pembrolizumab/lenvatinib (59:12) Response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with cervical cancer (1:09:21) Immune-related adverse events associated with checkpoint inhibitors; considerations for the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the COVID-19 era (1:14:34)   CNE information and select publications

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