Follicular Lymphoma | Oncology Today with Dr Neil Love: Follicular Lymphoma Edition

published 11 months ago by Dr Neil Love

A roundtable discussion with Drs Carla Casulo and John P Leonard on recent developments in the treatment of follicular lymphomas, including the following topics: Current management of newly diagnosed follicular lymphoma (FL); choice of observation versus rituximab monotherapy (00:00) Association between vitamin D insufficiency and outcomes for patients with FL   5m41s Efficacy and tolerability of obinutuzumab/bendamustine for patients with newly diagnosed FL (9:44) Activity of lenalidomide/rituximab (R2) in patients with FL (15:56) Biology of FL; criteria for initiating therapy after diagnosis (20:55) Results of the Phase III GALLIUM study of obinutuzumab or rituximab, each in combination with chemotherapy, followed by maintenance obinutuzumab or rituximab for patients with untreated, advanced FL (31:02) Phase III RELEVANCE trial evaluating R2 versus rituximab/chemotherapy, each followed by maintenance rituximab, as first-line therapy for advanced FL (34:58) Selection and sequencing of therapies for relapsed/refractory FL; management of early progression of disease (41:07) Biologic predictors of early relapse; role of transplant for patients with FL (47:20) Activity and tolerability of CAR (chimeric antigen receptor) T-cell therapies for FL (54:39) Response to the PI3 kinase inhibitor umbralisib in combination with obinutuzumab for relapsed FL (58:02) Outcomes for patients with early relapse of FL in the National LymphoCare Study (1:04:35) Integration of the PI3 kinase inhibitors idelalisib, copanlisib and duvelisib into the management of FL (1:12:18) Mechanism of action, efficacy and tolerability of the recently approved EZH2 inhibitor tazemetostat for relapsed/refractory FL (1:22:01) Results of the Phase II ZUMA-5 study of axicabtagene ciloleucel for patients with relapsed/refractory indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma (1:26:32) Biologic rationale for the use of the novel bispecific antibody mosunetuzumab for relapsed/refractory FL (1:30:40) Novel agents and approaches under investigation for patients with FL (1:34:58) CME information and select publications

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