Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia | Oncology Grand Rounds Series: Part 4 — Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (Webinar Proceedings)

published 11 months ago by Dr Neil Love

Proceedings from the fourth in a series of 11 integrated webinars held in association with the 2020 ONS Annual Congress. Featuring perspectives from Ms Amy Goodrich, Dr Brad S Kahl, Ms Robin Klebig and Dr Jeff Sharman. Introduction (00:00) Clinical presentation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and biomarkers predictive of response (4:58) Differences in clinical manifestation between CLL and small lymphocytic lymphoma; educating the asymptomatic patient about the benefits of watching and waiting (12:49) Counseling patients with CLL about the risks and benefits of acalabrutinib/obinutuzumab (18:47) Mechanism of action, side effects and optimal integration of novel BTK and Bcl-2 inhibitors for CLL (26:22) Caring for patients on ibrutinib therapy; role of the oncology nurse in providing emotional and psychological support (36:56) Communicating the significance of clinical trial participation to patients with CLL; results from the Phase III CLL14 trial assessing fixed-duration venetoclax/obinutuzumab as up-front therapy (46:17) Optimal use of venetoclax for CLL; patient education about, monitoring for and management of tumor lysis syndrome (54:53) Selection and duration of front-line therapy for patients with CLL (1:03:41) Monitoring patients receiving venetoclax to prevent tumor lysis syndrome (1:15:07) Emerging data with the use of BTK inhibitor therapy for patients with COVID-19 (1:19:45) CNE information and select publications

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