Goals for the SDPA Membership Committee- Sara Wilchowski, PA-C

published 5 years ago by dermcast.tv

Dermcast interviewed Sara Wilchowski, PA-C at the 2014 Fall Conference in San Diego. Ms. Wilchowski is a co-chair of the SDPA Membership Committee and shared some of her goals for the upcoming year.

Into downcast I'm releasing today we have Sara Wachowski and STP a membership committee co chair thanks for being with us today Sarah thank you for having me can you tell me about your role as a co chair on the membership committee so I am one of the co chairs of the membership committee and my job is about recruitment so it's all about getting new members and new fresh ideas for the society of dark. What are some big things that you guys are working on over this next year. Currently one of the big things that we're working on is expanding to become internet. Trying to just expand and reach out to other PDAs that are now practicing in areas such as Australia and even Europe and how did you get involved in leadership with the US EPA it was very simple I sent one email and then a couple days later I heard back and everybody was so open and willing and eager to have me aboard so again if anybody is ever willing and wants to ...

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