Options Trading - 期权面面观 - July 2, 2021 - Other Covered Options Strategies 其他备兑组合

published 3 weeks ago by tastytrade, Inc.

要对冲股票,除了可以卖出看涨期权使其组成为备兑看涨期权之外,我们还有其他的方式。这期节目我们就会介绍并且比较其他最常用的股票对冲的期权组合方法。其中包括备兑看跌期权,保护性看涨期权和保护性看跌期权。 Besides selling the naked calls on top of our long stock, there are other ways to protect long or short equity positions. This segment introduces three other basic and straightforward approaches to mitigate our traditional equity positions, including Covered Put, Married Put, and Married Call.

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