MalWare Labs and Why You Should Challenge Shift-Left Testing - Mario Vuksan, Rickard Carlsson - ESW #233

published 3 weeks ago by Security Weekly

Threat hunters are under increased pressure to rapidly analyze, classify, detect and respond to malicious files. ReversingLabs is stepping forward to address these needs with its new Malware Lab Solution. The ReversingLabs Malware Lab solution powers the next generation of threat hunting by delivering a unique combination of static and dynamic analysis capabilities at scale to identify malicious files including those in the software supply chain. This segment is sponsored by Reversing Labs. Visit to learn more about them!   The development life cycle as we know it is rapidly changing, and today’s AppSec testing needs to keep up with shorter and faster processes. A shift-left approach is no longer enough to protect web assets - you need much more dynamic tools and ways of working. This segment is sponsored by Detectify. Visit to learn more about them!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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