Small Account Trading Strategy | What I Would Use

published 3 weeks ago by ClayTrader

If I was back to being a beginner day trader and just getting started in the markets with a smaller trading account, I know exactly what method and strategy I would use! When you are starting your trading journey, it is completely normal to have a smaller account that you will need to grow over time. There is no shame in this at all, and in all actuality, I would argue it is a good place to start. All traders have bumps along the way, especially at the beginning, so it's better to experience those bumps with a smaller account than a huge one! The one potential problem and annoyance is the dumb Pattern Day Trader Rule ("PDT Rule"). This is a government regulation that says you are not allowed to day trade stocks as much as you want if you have less than $25,000. It's truly a ridiculous rule, but it is what it is. The good news is, if you take the proper steps (as I will show you in this video), you can give yourself a whole lot of flexibility within your trading strategy. While I can't say you are totally avoiding the PDT Rule, this strategy does allow you the opportunity to side step it a bit. When you do it the right way, you can give yourself multiple "day trades" each and every day. Let me show you one step at a time how you can accomplish this. I'm confident that you'll quickly see why this is the day trading strategy I would use with a smaller account if I had to rewind time and go back to the start!

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