Diplomate Benefits and the New DLI – Scott Ahrndt, PA-C and Gina Mangin, PA-C

published 7 years ago by dermcast.tv

This video interview is about Diplomate Benefits and the New DLI with Scott Ahrndt, PA-C and Gina Mangin, PA-C and was recorded at the 2013 SDPA Fall Conference in Atlanta.

Millie's wouldn't get their cast studios and today we have Scott aren't the director at large and Gina Mangan who is our deal I forum moderator thanks for being here today into pleasure Scott question for you first why why why should someone be a diplomate what are the benefits. I think that. You continually trying to improve yourself. As a clinician for your patience. And your clinic. It's just another opportunity to learn. A wide spectrum of topics myself I'm involved in surgery 80 percent of the time. Fairly weak in pediatrics and pharmacology in this game an opportunity to dive into those 2 topics and come out I would say better peeing how about you Tina I agree I felt they expanded my knowledge of medical dermatology and I feel as positions assistance we only get a small amount of training ...

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