Party With Imaginary Friends Prank Call

published 5 years ago

Jared prank calls a bowling alley and tries to book a party for himself...and his 20 imaginary friends. This guy is great!Support FNC on Patreon: a prank: our FREE app! (FREE SHIPPING IN US) :

gonna. So it is not going back. I was just. Yeah John claims down our. I'm doing good Elia under it I. I guess I had a few more questions the lady nice lady very very high Superman Holzer. You are here to she explained you know much about my party in South. The. You wanna party for 20 people yes yes. Okay. Would you want is the ultimate party package or premium party package I think she she was saying ultimately one that included food and beer and and all of us not just as you get a handicap vantage that way to lose. let me verify and make sure that that will be her husband. If you guys can do that's going to. ...

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